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Market strategy optimization

The day-ahead optimal bidding strategy of an energy storage system leads to significant extra profit via calculating the optimal arbitrage in the day-ahead market, and can be combined with other assets such as PV.

Ready to Use


Using state-of-the-art machine learning and optimization models, our products are invaluable assets for decision-making in short-term electricity markets.

The set of our readily deployable solutions cover a broad range of use cases and can be accessed in various formats to ensure seamless integration for all electricity market participants.

Plug & play energy hub models

Combine the models of various physical assets to rapidly build a portfolio of assets and optimize their dipatch.

Automated execution

Execute the optimal strategy in a fully automated fashion due to our M2M interface with the markets and the asset's EMS.

Market position

Optimize the asset specific bidding strategy on multiple markets to maximize profit, taking into account the physical constraints.

market sentiment

Obtain insights into market sentiment at a higher level, specifically filtered for products and specific markets.

Price impact of
energy news

Establish connections between news, market sentiment, and prices to gain valuable insights on their impact.

Filtered and categorized
news feed

Access relevant news sources in one location where we collect, prepare, and augment them with indicators of impact and relevance.

Seamless Solutions

Professional services

Whether you have unique requirements or simply need assistance with multiple solution options and integration issues, we can help guide you through the process by jointly utilizing the experience of your business stakeholders and the analytics expertise of sight-E.

Incubation & Prototyping
Modeling & Optimization
Integration & Go live

Through a collaborative process of ideation and prototyping, we will identify and fine-tune the best solution for your business needs.

With unique electricity market modeling and machine learning expertise, we are happy to help you in various energy system optimization challenges, offering customized solutions for the most optimal results.

Our implementation pipeline provides a smooth transition from the development phase to the production environment, utilizing the best cloud infrastructure and containerization.

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